Tendersure™ is an award-winning Source to Pay (S2P) solution that was developed in 2005 in South Africa. Tendersure has four modules which include; Sourcing, Procure to Pay (P2P), Risk Management and Contract Management. These four modules are represented diagrammatically as follows:

Tendersure Modules

Tendersure™ has over 16 years’ experience gained from managing S2P activities in Africa. Tendersure™ has an impressive client portfolio boasting companies from diverse industries including Banks, NGOs, and large corporates in both public and private sectors. Tendersure™ has been commended by the EU as “a highly traceable and auditable system, which helps to combat corruption. It is only possible for authorized parties to see bids.” Additionally, Tendersure has received many awards and commendations including the prestigious Digital Excellence award for the best eProcurement solutions provider in Kenya since 2019 to date.

Due to automation, Tendersure™ provides advantages and benefits that include efficiency, transparency and integrity in the entire source to pay process. Tendersure™ now automates the entire procurement value chain processes from sourcing to payment of suppliers seamlessly.

A Cloud Based Source to Pay Solution

Promoting good governance, transparency and integrity in the procurement process.