Tendersure™ takes pride in its robust and automated pre-screening process, which plays a pivotal role in helping you find competent and prequalified suppliers. Our system is designed to streamline the supplier selection process by evaluating various key factors, ensuring that only those with the necessary capacity and capability make it onto the approved/prequalified supplier list. 

Our pre-screening process involves a customized set of evaluation criteria tailored to meet your specific needs. We understand that each project or procurement requirement may have unique aspects and our criteria are flexibly adapted to account for these variables. This ensures that suppliers are assessed comprehensively and fairly. 

Tendersure™ encourages both existing and potential suppliers to participate in the prequalification process. This inclusive approach ensures that all suppliers, regardless of their current status, undergo the same rigorous evaluation. Existing suppliers are not exempt from scrutiny, fostering a fair and competitive environment. 

Each supplier is assigned a score based on their suitability. The scoring system provides a transparent and quantifiable way to assess suppliers, making the decision-making process more straightforward. Suppliers are then categorized as approved or rejected based on their scores, ensuring that only the most qualified make it onto the approved/prequalified supplier list. 

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