Tendersure™ extends its capabilities to facilitate the transparent and efficient disposal of unwanted assets for organizations. Whether it’s surplus equipment, outdated technology, or any other assets, our platform provides a structured and transparent process for selling these items. Tendersure™ asset disposal feature offers a high degree of customization. Organizations can set reserve prices, include detailed item images and specifications, and define minimum bid increments. This configurability ensures that the disposal process aligns with the organization’s specific requirements and objectives. 

The asset disposal process on Tendersure™ is designed to be transparent at every step. Bidders have clear visibility into the auction, enabling them to make informed decisions based on item specifications and current bid status. This transparency builds trust and confidence among both buyers and sellers. Tendersure™ automates the entire asset disposal process, from bid submissions to auction closure. This automation not only saves time but also ensures accuracy in tracking bids, managing auction parameters, and executing the sale. The streamlined process allows organizations to focus on their core activities while efficiently managing asset disposal.