Tendersure™ goes beyond supplier prequalification to deliver tangible savings on your procurement spend. Our innovative approach ensures that only prequalified suppliers participate in the price submission process through the Tendersure™ Request for Quotations (RFQ) portal, maximizing the potential for cost efficiency. Upon the closure of the price submission process, Tendersure™ employs advanced algorithms to automatically analyze the submitted prices. This automation significantly reduces the time and effort traditionally required for manual price comparison.

Tendersure™ generates comprehensive reports for both single and multi-item bids. For single-item bids, the report identifies the lowest supplier, providing a straightforward basis for selection. In the case of multi-item bids, the report not only highlights the lowest supplier per item but also identifies the overall lowest supplier for all items. This dual-tiered approach ensures that your procurement decisions are informed and strategic. 

To demonstrate the impact on your procurement savings,  Tendersure™ system generates savings reports by comparing the prices obtained through the RFQ process against existing prices. This detailed analysis allows you to quantify the cost savings achieved through the Tendersure™ platform.Tendersure™ has a track record of delivering substantial savings for our clients. Our system has consistently achieved savings ranging between 10% and 40%. 

The satisfaction of our clients is a testament to the effectiveness of Tendersure™ in achieving meaningful cost reductions. Many organizations have experienced the financial benefits of our platform, contributing to increased profitability and operational efficiency.Tendersure™ remains dedicated to continuous monitoring and improvement. Feedback from the procurement savings process is used to refine our algorithms, ensuring that our system evolves to meet the ever-changing dynamics of the market. 

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